May. 2nd, 2012 02:18 am
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What is it and where is it? Is it the same as Tir Na Og? Avalon? Alfheim even?
is it an astral locality, a wholly different physical world?

Is it just one name for the general “spirit realm,” and thus a land of the dead?

To me, it likely is not astral as I don’t believe the astral to be a different plane. Seems to me that astral projection is simply projecting a nonphysical sentience component out of one’s body. It seems to me, and what I’ve read of kaballah, that the essence stays here. That is to say, it can float into the neighbors house and see what’s for dinner.

So for me, the question is simple. Do I believe in a whole different realm in which humanoid beings live and die.? A world that looks like earth geologically and botanically speaking.

Ehhhhh…… I suppose there could be. My religious filter is unable to bar the notion. It would, however, be irrelevant if it did exist though, as far as my spirituality goes.

I don’t think it is another name for the general “spirit realm” as I have my own beliefs about that. If the myths are any indication, the beings from Annwn are subject to death, and are physical. Thus I can’t equate it to the realm of elohim. This means I can’t equate it with a land of the dead. Also, I really can’t seem to glean the idea that Annwn is a land of the dead from the surviving tales that mention it.

My only other option then, is that Annwn was an earthly locality that was awash in “energies.”

So that’s two options. Some bizarre “otherworld” connected somehow to earth, or an earthly place awash in “energies.”


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