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Years ago I asked YHVH to show me a fae land. I don't bring this up much because I had no repeated results of this like I did with other information i asked for.

I dreamt it. I think of it now and again because it was the most emotional dream I have ever had. It started out as some normal inane head trash, I ended up deep in some cavern where a passage went through a goofy looking statue of a fish. I know, one might be thinking Disney's Atlantis, I thought that too...

Anyway, once through that things changed. I became lucid, i walked out into daylight, only without a sun in the sky. odd formations of beige sedimentary rock, like limestone, created overlapped circular terraces that stepped down to what I think was an inland sea due to the more gentle lapping of the water. Thick green grass grey on their flat tops. However, stacks of the same rock stood out in the water, formations shaped by wave action. Off in the lake a thick mist stood, I got the impression it was a boundary, the edge of this place somehow.There was a wooden fort there. I explored it. It was old, hadn't been used in a long time. No one was here.

I went back down to the sea front and got all emotional. I felt so strongly that I didn't deserve to be there and was thanking God for showing me. And that was the end of the as far as I can recall.

Was this "underhill?"

I don't know. I have trouble with that idea. I believe in an underhill of sorts, in Hebrew it's "sheol." It's not generally a good place to be, though some parts are not especially bad in the literature that features descriptions of it. The descriptions don't really say much at all though. It's quite ambiguous.

So what was this place I saw? I am hesitant to conclude.


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